If you’re looking for super high quality production services for metal music, you have come to the right place!

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Imperial Mastering is operated by metal engineer and musician Colin Davis.  Colin has been involved in the metal music scene since 1982 and has been engineering professionally since 1996.  Many also know him through his work with the extreme metal band Vile.  Bands and labels who come to Imperial for their mastering and mixing needs can be assured that the final result will be among the best quality available anywhere in the world, by a seasoned engineer who specializes in metal exclusively.

Embryonic Devourmentruf Goratory - Rice On SuedealasOriginInformisInfinitasInhumanitas

vile-stench-of-the-deceased-cd02_depopulatevile-new agevile-metadecrepit birth

defeated sanitydeeds of whats to comeInbreeding-the-Anthropophagi-by-Deeds-of-Flesh_zTTDoIVXsAsx_fullImpaled Choice Cuts-thumb-480x458disgorge-paralellsdisgorgeseptycal gorgeSuicidal-Angels-Eternal-Dominationbeheaded_ominous_bloodlinetomorrows outlook_coverAs They SleepAeons of EclipseDevourment-ButcherTheWeakAgielAssemblent


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 ShayateenSpacekingTsun Tzu  And many more…