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High-end professional CD mastering – from Death Metal to World, Jazz, Rock and beyond! Artistic audio perfection since 2002.

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My name is Colin Davis, and since I started Imperial Mastering in 2002, I have worked on many hundreds of albums, and worked with just about every style.  My biggest client base is metal and heavy rock bands because of my  background as a metal musician (the extreme metal band VILE), but I also master albums in many other genres like World, New Age, Folk, Jazz and other styles.

You have many choices once you decide to hire a professional mastering engineer to perfect and finish your album.  But because high-end CD mastering is a fine art and not just a technical skill, achieving your goals requires the work of a dedicated artist, not just an engineer who performs a task! 🙂

When I master an album for an artist, I am not only doing a job for them but I am joining with their artistic vision and becoming a partner, even if just for a short time.  Seasoned engineers will appreciate my ability to nail their mixes quickly, and with fast and accurate communication.  Newer engineers appreciate the feedback I can offer, to help them perfect their mixes.  I am not an ‘in and out’ kind of guy – quality is my highest goal, although turn around times are reasonable with 5 days to a week being the average.

Mastering cannot change the fundamental essence of a musical album, which has already been locked in by the recording and mixing processes.  What mastering does is to bring an album’s deepest qualities to light.  It’s a process that can’t fix bad mix, although it will usually make it better, but mastering can make a well recorded album sound truly amazing.  Mastering is the final step in the album creation process, and it’s an absolutely essential step that should be taken seriously.

If you want to learn more, click here to read my F.A.Q. where many questions are answered.  If you want to arrange for a free test master, so you can hear how your music will sound mastered by me, click here.

Get in touch if you have questions, and I look forward to helping you make your musical vision come true!

Colin Davis