About Colin


Hi, my name is Colin Davis.  I’ve been a musician since age 16 and an audiophile since high school.  I started recording professionally in 1996 in a studio built by myself and band mate Juan Urteaga.  Later I branched out into mastering and built Imperial Mastering in 2002.  Many know me as the songwriter and guitarist for the extreme metal band Vile. For this reason, I do work with a lot of metal bands, but I also master so many other styles. I enjoy and work with jazz, rock, new age and world regularly.  I also still have a career as a musician, these days with a project called The 01EXPERIENCE

Because I’ve played so many roles in this field, I can see music production from every standpoint.  As an artist, I understand the passion and dedication of the musicians as well as their hopes and fears as the recording process unfolds.  As a recording and mixing engineer, I understand the huge amount of focus and skill it takes to build an album from the ground up and I honor those engineers’ hard work.   As a mastering engineer, I understand my role as an objective party whose job it is to insure that the final mixes live up to the expectations of the engineers and artists when the album is finally finished and released.

I put myself in the shoes of the band and the engineers, always delivering a master that is highly competitive with the big name mastering houses and is completed in a timely manner where communication is open and friendly.  If the mixing engineer needs to make some adjustments to really nail the mix, I encourage them to make their changes and order another free test master.

There are mastering examples on this site and you can E mail me through the Contact page for a test master when you’re ready.

With respect,

Colin  Davis