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Before and after examples.  The “before” samples have been normalized. Besides loudness and eq changes, listen for coherence and balance of the individual instruments in the mix.


Darkseid – ‘before’ (mp3)

Darkseid – ‘after’ (mp3)

Walk the Wreckage – ‘before’ (wav)

Walk the Wreckage – ‘after’ (wav)

Mike Stolkier – ‘before’ (mp3)

Mike Stoklier – ‘after’ (mp3)

Vile – ‘before’ (mp3)

Vile – ‘after'(mp3)


Joanna Diamana ‘before’ (wav)

Joanna Diamana – ‘after’ (wav)

Miriam Raziel – ‘before’ (mp3)

Miriam Razuel – ‘after’ (mp3)

Fantuzzi – ‘before (mp3)

Famtuzzi = ‘after'(mp3)

Felicia Rose – ‘before” (mp3)

Felicia Rose – ‘after’ (mp3)



Elia Rosa – ‘before’ (wav)

Elia Rosa – ‘after’ (wav)

Matthew McPeck – ‘before’ (mp3)

Matthew McPeck – ‘after’ (mp3)

Bacon Fat – ‘before’ (mp3)

Bacon Fat – ‘after’ (mp3)


John St. Claire – before’ (mp3)

John St. Claire – ‘after’ (mp3)

Richard Goeb – ‘before’ (mp3)

Richard Goeb – ‘after (mp3)